Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marry The Night


  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thank you for taking the time and doing this!!! I really appreciate all the stuff that you do for us!!!

    And, well, I've been summing up the courage to ask you if you could do a song. I didn't really want to ask, because I know you've had so much on your hands, and, I didn't want to sound selfish.

    But, found the sheet music for the song I wanted:
    "Listen To Your Heart"
    The only thing is, some parts really don't make sense to me, and I was wondering if you could clarify some of the parts for me.

    The website is:

    I really hope you can do this song, but, f you can't, it's okay!!! I don't want to burden you with my request.

    Thank You For All You Do!!


  2. i just wanted to let you know that some one ( is typing very inappropriate things in the chat box. she's also the one who acted as "alyssa gagng", saying very very very nasty things. there's also someone posing as 'kallyn' and 'alyssa' (idk if it's the same ", and the things are very inappropriate, and if given a rating about the things they are saying it's be rated "M" or "R". maybe you should take the cbox for good. little kids are using this site. There was even a quarrel going on about a girls little sister (9 years old Samantha) seeing the stuff that was written, and was saying all sorts of bad stuff like "heyyyyyyyyyyyyy u a baby samantha, go cry to your ugly assss mom" (tooken straight out of the chat box). I think the cbox needs to go. FOR GOOD.

  3. hey kallyn can u please put up it will rain !? i saw on a post that you were going to put it up but i cant find it ? thanks for this website !

  4. Um I don't. Samantha shouldn't look at the c box if she thinks it is inappropiate. It wouldnt be fair to people that deserve the c box. Kallyn just lets them make fools out of themselves basically, which is quite funny, i have to say!I understand where you are coming from but just let them be, fight in the c box trying to make them go away, or just ignore!

  5. Haylie,
    I WAS THERE! And, Samantha didn't know (most likely) SHE'S NINE! Now, I'm not saying this to you in a mean way, people don't like you, and, I'm not a hater of you (although I don't get why you keep changing you name. First Haylie, then Alyssa, then back to Haylie??), but, the chat box is becoming inappropriate. Young girls come onto this site, TO LEARN FLUTE SONGS, not to read some nasty thing written. I think it needs to go.

    I just realized that the e-mail I'd mentioned earlier was yours. And, I KNOW that you weren't the one doing it (some 'haylee' right now is using our e-mail, and so is 'Macey from marry the nigh', probably the same girl). I love the c-box, but, I really suggest you take it down. Or, is it possible to restrict what you say on it?? Because, even before the Samantha incident, there was some very nasty sexual stuff, from someone who was posing to be you and Alyssa. My mind will forever be burned by the sexual stuff that I had to read.

    I strongly hope that you will consider removing the chat box. I LOVE it, and I LOVE this site. But, I always get precarious when I get on, for fear that I have to read all the nasty sexual things written in the c box. The 'f' word also appears a lot. Little kids are on this site, and they don't need to be learning about this type of thing. Young kids theses days already know all sorts of bad things, and this site shouldn't be showing even more.

    PLEASE take my words into consideration.

  6. Whops, when I wrote"

    "First Haylie, then Alyssa, then back to Haylie"

    I meant:

    "First Haylie, then ALLISON, then back to Haylie"

    *I didn't mean to put Alyssa's name there.*

  7. I agree. People shouldnt post nasty sexual stuff.I am very precasious when i come on here that i might see something i dont wanna. I understand where you arre comi ng from but
    I like to talk to my fellow flautists on here through the c box.The only reason my name changed froom haylie to "allison" is because someone hacked my account and i couldnt geyt on it. I finally did changed my pass and put my name back to haylie. ALRIGHT PEOPLE!???

  8. I love this song! Thanks Kallyn! Wow! Some drama here in the comments! I'm glad I didn't see the sexual things written! Haylie, don't you have your own blog (I've seen it, but it's NO WHERE close to being as good as Kallyn's, just sayin) put a c box there! And really, your using the old hacked excuse? That's just lame. And pathetic. Only a looser would use that excuse. And your right, the picture on you blog is ugly. Is that really how you look like? Eww!

  9. Your a bitch, and that is me and im beautiful just the way i am. That was an old pick from when my sis did my hair style(she was going to hair school) My blog isnt good because i dont go on there. Just shut your mouth. Im not using the old hack exuse. W hy the eff would i change my name from haylie to allison? I didnt wanna get hacked you dumb ass

  10. Suuuuuuure Haylie. Say what you wanna say.

  11. lol "stop the bullying!"
    yet you continue to bully
    you guys need to stop omg

    1. I agree. So what if she might have a few mistakes? You make mistakes too! It's takes awhile to figure out the notes for you guys and it's amazing.!

  12. I appreciate your creativity its looking amazing i really like your blog.Rap beats

  13. I really like this website! I always play my flute on it,
    You shouldent stop posting just cause people are saying things.
    They don't have a life.
    But if your really making these songs,
    You do!

  14. my name is haley too ;)

  15. if it means any thing i want to do listen to your heart to :D !!!!!



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