Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart Attack


  1. Awesome! Love your site, been a great help for me :) Maybe you could do some more songs of 1D, like Irresistable or She's Not Afraid :) Thanks xx

  2. Hi I love this. can you do another 1D song like she's not afraid and i would and magic and still the one. please. thank you.

  3. Irresistible!! Or she's not afraid, please!! And magic too!

  4. THanks so much for posting this song (: i love it so much! can u please do more 1D and if ur bored of that (which i feel is impossible but u know...idk) could u do we are who we are by Little Mix <3 thanks love xxx

  5. ahhhhh i get on here whenever i think about it an I'm a very "dedicated" fan of 1D an i seen how many of their songs you had....I'm glad you're a directioner so I can show my friends that i can play their songs on my instrument an they can't :P thankss!! <3

  6. You should put One Way Or Another(Teenage Kicks) up here! It would b awesome if you did!��

  7. You are a motherfucker Person who put this up all notes are WRONG

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for posting this song! I absoluteley love it. I have a few requests for songs:
    1. As your friend by Chris Brown ft. Afrojack
    2. Gold by Britt Nicole
    3. Forever Now by Neyo
    4. Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes
    Thank you so much! I love this site!

    1. PLEASE DO CLARITY!!!! -Juhi

  9. Your the best!!!!! I'm going to play a solo of this at school thanks!

  10. i love this and the other one direction songs you did but can you do SUMMER LOVE AND BACK FOR YOU. i would really like that. thks


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