Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Things - One Direction (Flute Cover)


  1. I got braces 2 months ago and still can't play really low notes. Any tips? Also, Im getting really bored with the flute, and can't figure out how to get unbored.

  2. Make sure you still try to adjust your embouchure! Keep it open and just blow the air lol
    And I don't really know what to say! Don't stop playing though!

    1. Thanks. I'm getting better but still aren't what I was up to before braces.

  3. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOG. I LOVE IT. I actually had to do a flute pres. in front of a whole lot of Grade 6's and I wanted it to be interesting. This really helped with that and I got all kinds of Grade 6's coming up to me asking me about the flute both guys and girls. I also played a lot of "old" songs and newer ones and even got adults interested. I'm 13 and been playing the flute for 3 years. Thank You Kallyn. I appreciate this. ♥

  4. You are seriously amazing at what you do!

  5. Pretend like your blowing on soup. I have the same problem. And I have been getting bored too.... Just look for fun songs that you enjoy and switch them up once and a while!:)

  6. the way i was tld was to pretend you are drinking out of a macdonalds straw and give a little smile or look up :)

  7. I actually use some for piano music and i can play little things and they dont know about us. Thanks a bunch for posting the notes :)


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