Tuesday, May 14, 2013



  1. I love this website! It makes playing my flute 10x more fun! Btw I love this song and it sounds perfect! :)) Again thx soooo much, your awesome!!

  2. When doing songs like this where more than half of it is synth parts, could you do the synth parts too? Especailly in this song, since they are pretty melodic. Thanks

  3. Great Job! Kill Your Heroes!?

    1. I am only twelve and I am a beginner still learning but I got about half of this song down I've only been in band for 5 months I love this website p.s go follow oklahoma Lindsay bands on facebook

    2. Well, yes, because all of these notes are basically the ones you learn in 5 months of band class :) So yeah, beginners and welcome in this song.


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