Saturday, May 17, 2014

To You From Me

Five years ago I started this little website. I wanted a way to share the music I played so that everyone can play it. I had a small amount of subscribers and I just expected this to remain some little thing that I had.
Here we are, five years later, with over 6500 Facebook followers, 1000 Blogger followers, and 1100 Youtube subscribers. There are almost 20 million views on this website. Fluters Music is one of the first to show up on google searches for "Flute sheet music". My videos have almost 400,000 total views. I never imagined having all of this when Fluters Music began.
I started the website during 7th grade; I was not very good at it, nor was I very good at flute, but I still worked on it anyways. Over the years there has been a lot of "drama": I hid everything on the blog when people pretended to be me, there was a lot of arguing over copying and stealing, I had two other people on the website for a week or so... So much has changed.
This website has done so much for me. I wrote about it on college applications, on my National Honor Society application, and on several scholarship applications. Of all the things I write about, this is the one people talk to me about. I don't really talk about it publicly because I don't want people to think that I think too highly of myself, but when it comes up it's something that others really find interesting. How could a website dedicated to flute music be so popular?
I really just want to thank everyone for using my website. I know I get lazy sometimes, but for the most part I really do enjoy uploading new songs and new covers for all of you. You have really given me something to be proud of.

In less than two weeks I will be graduating from high school. Last night was my final band banquet, and my last "official" moments as drum major. While I am leaving all of that behind, I will still keep up with this website. How often will it be updated? That will depend on everything. I hope that all of you can stay with me and the website for as long as possible. I hope I don't disappoint anyone, especially considering all you have given me.

Thank you
Kallyn O'Brien


  1. Its fine, your website is perfect! This website isn't all you do-need to do, but I love your website! If you were ever gonna shut this website down I'd probably never play flute again or have as much passion for it.

  2. I absolutely love your website! This is my first year as a flute player, and you helped me progress as a flutist. I love the variety on your website, and how easy it is to access. I hope you keep updating, because I love all the songs you post.

    And congrats on your graduation! :)

  3. Thank you so much! You're the reason I've become very well at flute. I'm only 11 (yeah kind of young), and this is my 3rd year playing flute. If it wasn't for you and your website, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am playing today. On Monday (two days from now), my school band is playing at a Red Wings Baseball game; with over 10,000 people watching, at the stadium and on T.V. This is the biggest crowd I've performed in front of, my largest being maybe 500 people. At the end of the year concert, my best friend and I are using your notes for Story Of My Life, and I think it's going to be great! Thank you again, for all of your work. Congrats on your graduation. Love from New York!

    Alyssa <3

  4. I found this website nearly 4 years ago and I am so appreciative because I have improved on my style and tone just looking at notes and learning how to stay in tune when I hit high or low notes. I have developed a passion for playing my instrument and learning new things and I'm glad I never quit the flute. I'm only a freshman in high school, but I'm first chair in the flute section and I have to thank you for that. Marching season was a blast because I always played something from this website whenever we had a break and lots of people would sing along. Thank you so much for even starting this website! Congratulations Class of 2014!!

  5. I found this website 3 years ago, maybe, and I absolutely love it! The notes and pitches all fit together in the best way possible! I've listened to all of your covers, and from them I've learnt many different tricks to playing the flute. I've come a very long way since I found your website, and I couldn't thank you enough! Keep up the great work! Your site will always be my favorite!
    Congratulations on your graduation!
    I wish you all the best! :D

  6. Dear Kallyn,
    You are the reason I have kept playing my flute. I was seriously thinking about quitting band, quitting my private classes, and eventually quitting the flute. I was going to continue to go on with my life and do other things. You and your website were the reason I kept playing. I had been getting really annoyed with my flute not sounding right or not being able to hit the high notes. Your site has been the biggest help of all. And because I have been coming on this site for about a year now, I have improved tremendously. (I'm in the 6th grade and I started playing this year.) I have learned to play the flute and learned to love doing it because of you. I am so grateful for this site. It gives me something to do all the time, no matter what, like when I'm sad or happy. My private flute teacher said that I have improved too. All of my friends are amazed when I come to school and start playing all of your beautiful music. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and patience. Thank You
    P.S. Congrats on Graduation!!

    Your Friend,

  7. I started playing flute this year. In my band class most of the kids didn't want to learn and since I was a beginner I was stuck playing this like old McDonald and Mary had a little lamb. I was ready to quit until I found your website. My playing has gotten better and I have a passion for it. Thank you for all you've done and I wish you the best in college.

  8. Thank you so much for everything you do. I taught myself how to play flute as a second instrument using this website, and I enjoy using the music you post for both my flute and oboe. I have recommended this site to many of my flute friends in band. Thanks again and congrats!

  9. Kallyn I'm 10 And I'm First Year At first I Wasn't Really Good But, Now I'm One Of The Best Flute Players In My Band! Thanks To You Posting All Of My Favorite Songs (Lawlz) I Got Better And Better Plus I Had Alot Of Help From My Band Teacher. All I Have To Say To Conclude This Comment Is Thank You! Just Thank You! I Never Could have been A Better player Without You


  10. Hi Kallyn!
    Well first off, I just wanted to let you know I play violin, I don't even play the flute! Because these instruments are played in the same clef, I have had the advantage of getting to use this web sight anyways! l love to play all types of music, especially modern popular music. As you probably know, it is extremely hard to find that type of music for instruments without having to spend money on it. You have made it possible for me to have a whole bunch of different kinds of songs that i can play without worrying about costs. Over the past 3 years, your music has helped me with performances and solos, and has even helped me with keeping a passion to keep playing the violin! So not only have you helped all other people playing the flute, you have definitely helped all others with the many different instruments that they play, like me with the violin! All of the colleges you applied for will definitely give you a big plus for putting this on your resume because it's something that you have been very successful in doing!Good luck and congratulations for you graduation in a couple weeks! God bless you on the start of your new journey!

  11. Hey Kallyn! Congrats on your graduation! You have a bright future ahead of you in whatever your heart chooses! Thank you so so so much for this website. I could never have such a passion to play flute without this website. Idk where id be. 1st chair flute.. Everyone in my band complains about practicing every night, so much time. I usually have to practice my band pieces, which i have to admit can be boring at times. But going on this websites, playing my favorite songs on the flute is so awesome! I have been here since 2009 and I will never leave. I hope you don't delete this website. Even if you get really busy with college and other things in life. I hope you might post at least once a month if you're busy. I will love you forever. I hope I could meet you someday! You're so an inspiration. I've made a flute website for like 2 days but then deleted it because NOTHING beats! BEST website everr. Thanks again. #5YearsStrong <3

  12. I love your website!! I have used for almost 2 years now!!! It has made me so much better!! Your songs are fun to learn!! thanks so much!!!!

  13. Hi Kallyn! I'm from Brazil and I want to thank you for this wonderful blog. I hope you keep posting more and more songs! Congratulations on your graduation, I'm sure your future will be amazing!


    Ps: Forgive my English, it is very bad!

  14. you should know that i did not enjoy playing the flute until i found this blog (my parents made me join band) but this blog has shown me that playing the flute can be fun and youthful and modern, and now my flute is my sanity :)

  15. Dear Kallyn,
    Thank you so much for this website! It is wonderful and amazing! Whenever I start to get bored of playing the boring old band songs, I come here first! Even though it is only my first year of playing flute (I'm in 6th grade), this website has helped me improve my playing a lot. Me and my friend adore this website so much. Playing flute is more fun now thanks to you. I promise to stay with this blog as long as I keep playing flute. I wish the best in college and I think you will become very successful in life.

  16. AWWWW! I discovered this site maybe a year or two after it started. I forgot about it for a while because it didn't load on my old computer and when we got a new one I started using it more! Its a great site, the music is so fun and acutally makes me wanat to practice flute. It's the most accurate flute music for free online. I hope you continue to do this site even after you graduate!

  17. You are fantastic! thanks so much for sharing the music and happy anniversary! lol : )

  18. Hey girl! =)
    First of all, congratulations on your graduation..! Secondly, I don't play flute BUT (this one's a big but), your notations have helped me perform on my guitar, in front of my, I wanna thank you for it..! Third, (this one's kinda related to second), your notations work for almost any instrument whose notations are based on the C, D, E....B, C format!

    Thanks a ton again...lots of love! ♥ ♪

  19. Kallyn,
    I remember discovering this website about 3 years ago, and it's amazing how far you've come. It's crazy to think that you'll be graduating in less than two weeks, and it makes me realize how much I've progressed as a flutist because of you throughout all these years. It almost feels like a part of me has grown up with you as well.
    Anyways, best wishes to you in the future! ♥

  20. Oh god.. When I saw the post I was like: NOOO, she's gonna quit! Huge relief when I saw that that wasn't the case! Thank you so much for posting notes here. I found the website for about 3 years ago and have used it everytime I got bored, and I will probably keep doing that. It's truly amazing how you've developed through the years of this website, you are a huge inspiration for everyone that has something they really want to do <3

    Good luck in college and in the future!
    Best wishes from Sweden
    // Lovisa

  21. Ohmygosh
    Congrats on making the honour society I am currently in NJHS
    I really want to thank you when I first heard about your website I was a brand new flute player and I hated playing the flute cause I didn’t know what keys to play on top of that I couldn’t read music I needed letters. But thanks to your website I love playing the flute cause you got me to learn music and play song I love on the flute. You actually got me to learn new keys and now I am first flute in band. I know that I can read music but I still come to your website. Like I said thank you ever so much. I want to wish you the best of luck in college and congrats again

    Samantha L

  22. It's so inspiring to read your blog. I love hearing about what other flute players are doing. Thank you!

  23. Kallyn, I could never thank you enough. This blog is part of what kept me going in band. I'm in sixth grade, but my two other friends and I get quite anxious because part of our class isn't at our level. When I'm sick and tired of playing " El Capitan" and " American Patrol" I come to this blog. It's excellent and great, and I love it so much! Just last weekend my best friend and I used your notes for "Let it Go" in our talent show. I think everybody on this blog could never, ever, ever thank you enough!
    Congrats on graduation!

  24. thank you so much for this site, but i was wondering if you could do the up theme song?

  25. Congrats on your website and graduating. Its amazing that you have kept up with a website and school and that says alot about you. I appreciate your website because years ago, there wasn't sheet music and covers available on the web for free.

  26. I absolutely love this website! Its so hard to find music online that isnt just for guitars! Well done and thank you xx

  27. I've been going on here for almost 4 years. I remember telling my flute friends about it and they didn't really know about it. This year I joined an honors ensemble and I heard flutes behind me playing Roar and I knew exactly where they got it :)!This was the only reason I would play the flute. I now love my flute and I have you to thank. Congratulations on graduating and good luck in college!

  28. Dear Kallyn,
    Firstly, I'm 15 and I've been playing for about 5 years now. Secondly, this site is amazing. I live in Australia and there's not much music available for purchase where I live so this has legitimately changed my flutist career! I wouldn't say that I've improved because of this music/site, but I have enjoyed playing flute a lot more now that I can play 'modern' music. I really like being able to play music that I've heard on the radio, or play along to music on my iPad. I've recommended it to all my friends and we all love it! Please never stop doing this, it's the only thing stopping me from quitting flute!! (we don't have very good ensembles at school!) I LOVE your site and hope you continue this for as long as possible!!

    Your #1 Fan,
    <3 ~ Ash x ~ <3

  29. Dear Kallyn,

    First of all, congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Second, I'd just like to thank you for keeping this website up and running. I've been playing flute now for about 4 years, and my improvement from the time I first learned how to play to how I improved after discovering Fluters is ridiculous. It gave me a way to play the songs that I love, which helps me become a better player, not to mention impresses my fellow Fluties :). I hope I'll continue to be able to use this amazing website, and I wish you the best in college!


  30. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on graduating high school. Secondly, you should know that I found this website about eight months ago when I picked up the flute again after a four year gap due to my music teacher retiring. I would have probably quit band after the first semester because of how bored I got playing the same songs over and over again. I will definitely continue to use this website and I wish you the best of luck in college!


  31. Hi! Congrats on graduating, and I'm really glad you used your flute career to help you with college and NHS :) Anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this website. I found this a couple of months ago when I was online looking for free flute sheet music. Your blog = life honestly. It's kind of hard to practice the flute during the summer, but I know this website will definitely help me with that. I'm 15 and an upcoming sophomore. Good luck with everything! :)

    ~ Vaishu (GA)

  32. Hey ive been playing for 7 years now and your music has helped me be a better flute player. Please check me out at

  33. This website has been such an inspiration for me and I am so glad I found it I am really proud of you Kallyn you have come so far and I just want to thank you for always trying so hard to get through all our song requests we all really do appreciate it. I have been using your blog for about 2 years, at one point I even attempted to start my own blog! So anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for how much effort you actually do put in to this. xx

  34. I think I found your website four years ago and I am so happy I found. Even though I have been playing my flute since first grade I still learn. This website made flute fun for me again. I was going to quit but this website changed my mind and I appreciate that. I hope you do well in college. Congratulation for graduating high school.

    yours truly

  35. Even though I don't play flute, I use your website when I play guitar.

  36. omg I REALLY love ur website and thx so much for creating it!!!

  37. I love this website thank you sooooo much

  38. This website is perfect!! Thanks for all the effort :)


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