Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool Kids


  1. Just a little flaw I found, I think. On the second part, the line "but they don't know where they're going." I think in the song, the pitch goes a bit higher, then goes back down, at the word "going". So, personally, I thought you could maybe add a "c" note in there, so it would result in, "e flat, e flat, e flat, e flat, f, a flat, b flat, and c. (C natural) but, besides that, it was pretty good, thanks for posting this up, it gave me the chills when I played it!

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  3. hi i luv this song and it inspires a lot of people

  4. i feel like not should be a c natural in the line 'but that's not really her style" but other than that this is perfect

  5. I don't think this song was your best, but all your other work is really cool.

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  7. Could you do "Tell her you love her" by Echosmith?


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