Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Widow(Chorus) - Sheet Music


  1. what notes is there

    1. if you mean notes in the song, its G sharp, F sharp, F natural, D sharp, high A sharp, and high B natural
      if you mean notes in the key signature, its A sharp, C sharp, D sharp, F sharp, and G sharp
      if you mean the amount the notes are worth, there are sixteenth notes, eighth notes, quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth rests, and sixteenth rests as well as a dotted sixteenth note?
      Hope that helped!

  2. this helps me so much im ahead of many other students in y class it helps me sooo much i love it

  3. Can you post the notes to Que sera by Justice crew?

  4. this is so buff what the heck how do they get all this and get it correct and not make it sound goat giving birth to a horse

  5. Do fire ball by pitbull


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