Wednesday, December 3, 2014



  1. love this song. Can these notes be played on any instrument?

    1. They are written for flute, but they should work for any C instrument.
      These would not work for a clarinet, for example.

  2. Can you please post any of Wendy rules Music

    Dance of the wild fairies

    it's one of my favorite songs that I would like to play it on the flute?

    Or any other us fine too?

  3. Found your website about a month ago, I love this song. I hope you'll have the sheet music of it soon(I also tend to do better when I see it on sheet music) but good job I enjoyed playing it :) Thanks keep up the good work.

  4. I love these! Is there anyway you'd be able to do This Love by Taylor Swift and Clean by her as well? (Both off of her 1989 album) I would love it so much!

  5. If you had F#EDEF#EF#EF#EA,F#EDD for you've got that james dean day dream look in your eyes, and I got that-, it sounds better

  6. please put this up on noteflight!!!!


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