Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Global Dental Brigades: Nicaragua

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, I am currently in my first year at university as a biomedical sciences major. After graduating I plan on going on to dental school.
I stumbled upon this group during one of the club showcases during the first week of school known as the "Global Dental Brigades". This is the brigade's first year as its own separate group and we have had a relatively slow start trying to get everything in order.
We are all set to go to Nicaragua in May, but now all we need, of course, is the money!
If any of you can help, that'd would mean so much to me. If every one that watches me on Youtube, or follows me on Facebook donated just a dollar, I'd reach my goal in no time!
Donate Here
Thanks again!
Kallyn O'Brien


  1. Hayy.. I do hope you have reached your goal, but I do want to tell you, this is for flute music notes, and this is no place for you to get donations from people who just want to play some songs. So, I do wish that you get the notes for this song. It was kind of upsetting when I read that, instead of some innocent notes.

  2. Hi xD I was looking for flute notes :( But that's okay :/ :P Have you got the money?? :o :D

  3. Although that was a few years ago xD

  4. Bryn, use the right grammar. Your grammar sucks, stop being so child ish and get a life. I came here for flutes notes, what did you come here for? To not use the right grammar???????

  5. Actually, look at your grammar! lol! 'Flutes notes,' 'Child ish,'Bryn.' Everyone these days are so concerned about grammar, it's actually sad that to them, it's more important than a life... ^^

  6. Leave Brynn alone wow

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