Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Skinny Love


  1. I really wish this were the sheet music.

  2. Could you do Discord And The Five Nights At Freddy's Song Both By The Living Tombstone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

  3. could you please do Fight Song by Rachel Platten??!! :) Thanks you so much!!!!

  4. I was one of the people who requested this song thank you so much!! :D

  5. You should actually attribute this song to Bon Iver. He is the one who wrote and performs this song, Birdy just covered it...

    1. Yes but it is her version. If this said by Bon Iver people would try to play it to his version (which I am unfamiliar with and am going to assume is in a different key?).

  6. It's really good, all the notes are right but the lyrics to the last part are a little off. It's meant to go:

    And I told you to be patient,
    And I told you to be fine,
    And I told you to be balanced,
    And I told you to be kind,
    And now all your love is wasted,
    Then who the hell was I?
    'Cause now I'm breaking at the bridges,
    And at the end of all your lights.

    Then it goes to the 'Who will love you?' part.

  7. Awesome that realy helped thanks a lot ☺️


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