Thursday, July 16, 2015

Colors Of The Wind

From Disney's Pocahontas (1995)


  1. Yay! A while back I sent you the music to this song on your ask, except mine started in F major and then switched to G major. Yours looks like E major switching to Ab major but I could be totally wrong...(I'm not that great at music theory).
    Anyway it's nice to hear this version so thank you!

  2. Could you do Hakuna Matata? I'm pretty sure you haven't done it yet and it wiuld be really nice.

  3. Hwo come the beggining of the song is sharp but the rest is flat? It dosen't bother me, I just noticed.

  4. this is the BEST version of this song i have found! I have the OFFICIAL Disney music piece for this song, but it sounds nothing like how it sounds in the movie. your version sounds like the movie version (which is AMAZING AHH) SO THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU AGHHHH

  5. The last person who commented: The reason it sounds wrong is because it is meant for bands, like in our band for May we are doing Star Wars, Jurassic Park and ET all in one and I have backups (Harmony if you like that word) for a lot of the song

  6. This song brought together my s.o. and I ;u;
    He asked me out by playing his duet piece to me during a band class aAAAAHHHH FEELS


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