Saturday, August 1, 2015

I See The Light

From Disney's Tangled (2010)


  1. I appreciate all of your contributions to this blog, one of my favorites. I do think you are doing the right thing by posting. Keep working such this kind of interesting content. Be good!

  2. Could you do a song from the princess and the frog

  3. Please, please, please, do the song Once Upon a December from the movie Anastasia. I can't find it anywhere, so would really appreciate you putting up on this wonderful website of yours. Thanks so much.

  4. Hey I kept looking for Rotten To The Core so can you please do it:'(

  5. Please do some songs from the DCOM Descendants! Especially Rotten To The Core and If Only. Thanks! ;-D

  6. heart it
    could you plz do When Will My Life Begin? from Tangled
    thnx heart you

  7. Is there any way I can download the sheet music for this? Thanks!

  8. Hey I love this site!
    Could you mabye do 'You are the music in me' from High school musical?
    Huge Fan

  9. We need more Disney!... Not gangster pop songs!


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