Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

Thank you Patty for the notes!


  1. Hey! Could you please upload the notes for Come & Get It by John Newman, perhaps Losing Sleep as well? Thanks ^.^

  2. Hye! Could you please do:-
    1) Somebody to you by the vamps
    2) Marvin Gaye by charlie puth
    3) Like I'm gonna lose you by meghan trainor
    4) Somebody to love by justin bieber
    5) Where are u now by justin bieber
    THANKS A LOTT!!<3 ;-)★♥

  3. Please could you also do:
    1. It's a small world- Disney
    2. Locked away- R.City ft Adam Levine

    Thank you so much! x

  4. Please do Out of My Head by John Newman

  5. omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE thi song! thank you!

  6. Hi, is it possible for you to do Hum Hallelujah by Fall Out Boy, or possibly Helena by My Chemical Romance? I would really appreciate it.

  7. This is really good but I think it's "the silent days are over and the beat is at my door" not the salad days.
    Other than that, it's awesome!

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