Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Santa Baby


  1. Kallyn could u ps do one way or another by one direction?

    1. Its not originally by them, you do know that right

  2. So, I have a few requests (following my comment).
    I love your blog. It's helped my friend and I so much. I get all my music from here. We've performed some songs in class. I have no idea how many songs I've printed off, but thank you so much for doing this.
    Now, these requests, you don't even have to do two. My hope is that you'll at least do one. I am aware how extremely difficult and time consuming this is, so don't feel obligated.
    ***=prioritize over my other requests (remember, don't feel obligated to do even one)
    Christmas Must be Something More-Taylor Swift***
    Christmases When You Were Mine-Taylor Swift
    Lane Boy-twentyonepilots*** (You don't have to do the rapping part)
    Taylor's part in Both of Us-B.o.b ft. Taylor Swift
    Long Live-Taylor Swift

    Thank you so, so much.

  3. Can you please do Stressed Out by TØP please?? Thank you 😊

  4. could you do the little drummer boy please???? love this account sm!


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