Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Help A Girl Out

Hi all!

I'm trying to raise some extra money for my Rome trip with my marching band in the winter and I have started a GoFundMe page as well as listed clothing on Tradesy.

TRADESY --------- Some used and new clothes and shoes that I don't wear... I think I'm selling them for cheap but will take any offers!!!

GoFundMe -------- Info on my Rome trip!!

Thank you for all of your support :)
<3 <3 <3


  1. i will donate but please, please upload today then

  2. I requested this and POOF found it the next time I came on

  3. i will donate because very nice blog love this blog like Blogger For SEO & i have donate 10 USD Junaid Shahid for promote my content also same offer to you

  4. I feel so bad that I can't donate any money.

    1. No don't feel bad at all!!!!!!! It's totally cool!!

  5. Ah! My band is traveling to Rome this winter as well!


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